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Andrew Farkas Honors Hasty Pudding’s Award Recipient

Derek McLane, a Tony and Emmy award-winning designer, will receive the Order of the Golden Sphinx Award at The Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770’s 2018 gala, scheduled to take place on April 16. Andrew L. Farkas, a renowned leader in the real estate industry, is the Chairman of this Institute. Founded in 1795, the Hasty Pudding Institute is the comedy and satire performing arts organization located at Harvard University.

Andrew Farkas remarked on Derek McLane’s talent in the following statement: “Whether you’ve encountered Derek’s work on a Broadway stage or at this year’s Oscars, you’re sure to have seen it. And so we are privileged to present the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770’s highest honor, The Order of The Golden Sphinx, to Derek McLane, a man who creates the striking visuals and impressions that stay with us long after a show ends.”

Not only is Andrew Farkas Chairman of the Hasty Pudding Institute, but his family is also a sponsor of the organization. In addition to the Hasty Pudding Institute, Andrew Farkas is also involved with Playwrights of New York (PONY).

Andrew Farkas is additionally well-known across the nation for his roles as CEO of Island Capital Group, C-III Capital Partners, Resource America Inc., and Anubis Advisors. All four real estate companies are dedicated to managing a diverse group of real estate services throughout the nation through the leadership of Andrew L. Farkas.

The Hasty Pudding Institute is excited for this year’s Order of the Golden Sphinx Award recipient, Derek McLane, to receive this honor at the Institute’s 2018 gala.

Modern Office Design Trends are Shifting. Here’s How:

At Island Capital Group, Andrew Farkas and company are leaders in the commercial real estate industry. Every few years, the design of the typical office environment changes. Last month, Emily Wright of London’s acclaimed “The Spaces” design magazine sat down with workspace innovators to learn how the office space is expected to change.

Leading design consultants such as Despina Katsikakis, the woman behind the new offices of Accenture, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley, predicts that the office as a workspace will shift from the traditional layout of rows of desks. Instead, it will have spaces that offer greater comfort and foster more collaboration. This comes not only as a way for businesses to save money by using space more efficiently, but also as a way to provide flexible environments that fit different types of work in the office.

Lord Norman Foster, the architect behind Apple Campus 2 in California, thinks that the office will become much “greener.” He understands that the incoming young workforce is passionate about the environment and sustainability. Given this, Foster predicts that companies will shift their design methods to build more environmentally friendly offices. This focus on sustainability is becoming economically savvy, as well as a way attract younger members of the workforce.

Tamara Brisk, a managing director at WiredScore, predicts that offices will become more dynamic. She posited that spaces will be usable for multiple purposes to allow for a greater accessibility and therefore efficiency of space. For example, she suggested that cafeterias will be designed to be easily transformable so they can be used for hosting meetings at all hours of the day, and that companies may even build isolated spaces that focus on fostering deep creative thought.

As the use of space in offices evolves and new trends take shape, Island Capital Group looks forward to their continued work in the commercial real estate industry.

Grand Sphinx Farkas to Honor Barclay at Gala

Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 and Grand Sphinx, Andrew Farkas, will be honoring Paris Barclay as the 2017 recipient of the Order of the Golden Sphinx award at the annual Order of the Golden Sphinx Gala in New York City on April 3rd.

Established in 1770, the Hasty Pudding Institute is the oldest collegiate social club in the nation. The club is a premiere preforming arts organization that strives to unite Harvard undergraduate students in friendship, conversation and camaraderie. Since its creation, Hasty Pudding has grown significantly and now is made up of The Hasty Pudding Club, Hasty Pudding Theatricals and Harvard Krokodiloes.

Each year the Hasty Pudding Institute recognizes one individual in the entertainment industry for their contributions to the performing arts. Each recognized individual is bestowed the club’s highest honor, the Order of the Golden Sphinx award, and is celebrated at the annual Order of the Golden Sphinx Gala.

Certainly a well-deserving recipient of this award, Paris Barclay is an Emmy award-winning director and currently serves as the President of the Directors Guild of America. Graduating Harvard in 1979, Barclay was a member of the Hasty Pudding club as an undergrad and participated in the club as a former singer of the Krokodiloes and composer two Hasty Pudding Theatricals shows.

As the 2017 recipient of the Order of the Golden Sphinx award, Barclay joins a prestigious club filled with extraordinarily talented members like Clive Davis, legendary music producer; Daryl Roth, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer; David Heyman, box office-hit producer, and many more.

This year’s honoree celebration will be held at the Paramount Hotel in New York City and attendees will have an opportunity to enjoy performances by the Hasty Pudding Theatricals and Harvard Krokodiloes. Chairman and Grand Sphinx of the Hasty Pudding Institute, Andrew Farkas, will also be in attendance and recently noted his excitement for this year’s nominee.

As an active alumni and former president of the Hasty Pudding Institute, Andrew Farkas not only serves as the Chairman but also “Grand Sphinx” of the club. In 2011, thanks to a generous donation from Farkas, the Hasty Pudding club was able to make improvements to the theatre in which they perform all shows. The gift marked the renaming of the theater to Farkas Hall, which serves as a presentation the Farkas family’s commitment maintain the club’s facilities.

New Vice Chairman of NAI Board Named

Jeremy S. Larkin was recently named Vice Chairman of the NAI Global Members’ Leadership Board. Larkin, who was one of the founding members at NAI Miami, has plans to enhance the depth and breadth of the brand and take the NAI Global platform forward. He hopes that his efforts will grow their market share and profitability, making them an even larger player within the industry. Larkin has received several prestigious awards during his time at NAI Miami including the 2016 CoStar Power Broker Award and the South Florida Business Journal’s 2014 Power Leaders in Commercial Real Estate. With years of experience in the industry and a track record of success, Jeremy Larkin was an intelligent selection for the board.

NAI Miami is a commercial real estate organization that aims to deliver the best service to their clients by utilizing the organization and model of NAI Global, their parent company. Leveraging the NAI Global network allows NAI Miami to provide their clients with a much braoder service, and meet their growing needs, giving them an advantage over their competitors within the industry.

NAI Global, is the single largest network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firm in the world. The company provides a wide range of services including brokerage and leasing, real estate investment, global supply chain consulting and more. NAI Global has more than 375 offices located throughout the world giving them the ability to create such an expansive response for their clients.

In 2011, NAI Global was acquired by C-III Capital Partners LLC, a commercial real estate services company. C-III is involved in a broad range of activities, including primary and special loan servicing, fund management and principal investment. This allowed both companies to diversify the services that they provide. C-III is a controlled affiliate of the Island Capital Group LLC, a global real estate services company which was founded and is led by Andrew Farkas. Farkas was also the founder, chairman and CEO of Insignia Financial Group, Inc.

2016 Lipsey Commercial Real Estate Survey Ranks NAI Global in Top 5

Every year, The Lipsey Company, a leading training and consulting firm specializing in the commercial real estate industry, ranks the top 25 commercial real estate brands worldwide. Over 100,000 industry members casted a vote in this survey through means of ballots, phone interviews and / or focus groups. This allowed Lipsey to capture both quantitative and subjective information about the industry. The Lipsey Company was established in 1980 and this is the 15th year anniversary of the Lipsey’s Top 25 Brand Survey. 

In the 2016 Lipsey Top 25 Brand Survey, NAI Global was ranked number four. This excellent ranking is a huge success for NAI Global, proving that their hard work and growth is being recognized by their industry peers. The company has been moving closer to the top of the rankings for the past few years and continued this trend this year, earning its best ranking yet. NAI Global is a commercial real estate company that is independently owned and operated. It is also the only independently owned company ranked within the top ten. As the largest and most powerful global network of owner-operated brokerage firm, NAI Global provides creative solutions in the commercial real estate industry to help consumers buy, sell, lease, finance, or manage commercial properties.

In 2011, NAI Global was acquired by C-III Capital Partners LLC, a commercial real estate services company. C-III is involved in a broad range of activities, including primary and special loan servicing, fund management and principal investment. C-III views NAI Global as a strategic acquisition because it allows C-III to diversify its services. C-III is a controlled affiliate of Island Capital Group LLC, a global real estate services company which was founded and is led by Andrew Farkas. Farkas was also the founder, chairman and CEO of Insignia Financial Group, Inc. Andrew Farkas has been very successful in his career, and this excellent ranking for NAI Global further enhances Farkas’ image in the industry.

Santa Clarita Market in the Sights of NAI Capital

NAI Capital’s strong foothold in the Southern California commercial real estate market is strengthening as expansion is still a priority for their local offices. NAI Capital’s Valencia office is seeking to continue its constant growth and unmatched reputation of being the largest firm in the region.

NAI Capital is looking to get a head-start in an area that is presenting as a future Southern Californian real estate hub. This potential stems from the quantity of undeveloped land in the Santa Clarita Valley. Typically, in the San Fernando Valley it is necessary to deconstruct to be able to construct, whereas in the Santa Clarita Valley, there is the ability to save time and money by constructing on undeveloped land. As the region grows, more opportunities will arise for larger commercial buildings and factories due to the large amount of space available in the region.

Yair Haimoff, executive vice president and branch manager of the Valencia office, has high hopes for the area as three industrial parks are set to begin construction by the end of the year. With the construction of those parks, he sees the Santa Clarita Valley as a great opportunity to work in and even live in. New homes are being built, which leads to businesses potentially moving in as well. Haimoff also recognized the low crime rate, little to no graffiti and a newer community as all positive factors to residential and commercial development in the Santa Clarita Valley.

NAI Capital is a member of the NAI Global network of over 375 offices. Each owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firm is encouraged to work together and take advantage of the global resources offered to them. NAI Global was acquired by C-III Capital Partners while under the direction of Andrew Farkas in 2012. Farkas is currently CEO and Chairman of C-III.

Stephanie Brock Named President of U.S. Residential Group LLC

U.S. Residential Group LLC (USRG) has named Stephanie Brock, an industry veteran in property management, as their new President. Ms. Brock will manage all aspects of the company which currently is responsible for 40,000 apartments.

Al Fenstermacher, who Ms. Brock has replaced, will stay within reach of the company and serve as an advisor in the Office of the Chairman. There has been some other management position movement around the corporation, including C-III Capital Partners LLC’s own Mr. Geoffrey Woodward, who has been placed in the position of Chairman of the Board. USRG is an affiliate to C-III Capital Partners LLC.

Ms. Brock remarked that USRG has made great progress as an industry leader through their commitment to customer service, diverse client base and lastly their team of experts. Ms. Brock’s experience includes developing seven new markets for Riverstone Residential Group and re-creating a presence in Houston, Denver and Phoenix for Trammell Crow. More recently, she was a Senior Managing Director at Greystar Real Estate Partners, before moving to the U.S. Residential Group.

U.S. Residential Group LLC, with offices located throughout the country, has over 30 years’ experience in all types of economic environments. This fee-based firm helps manage professional real estate services to the owners of multi-family properties throughout the United States. The Andrew Farkas lead C-III Capital Partners LLC has overseen USRG since their acquisition of the firm in November 2011.  In addition to C-III Capital Partners, Mr. Farkas is the Chairman and CEO of Island Capital Group and CEO of Anubis Advisors.

Stephen Nostrand is Named New CEO and COO of NAI Miami

NAI Miami, which was recently ranked 20th in Business Journals “Top Real Estate Brokerages list”, has elected Stephen Nostrand to take the roles of chief executive officer and chief operating officer. Nostrand leaves his position as CEO of Coillers International South Florida to take on the spot at NAI Miami. Former CEO, Jeremy S. Larkin and former COO, Edward L. Schmidt will be taking responsibilities as Co-Chairmen, members of the board and lastly will overlook NAI Miami’s executive committee. Schmidt and Larkin’s new outlook will be based around strategic growth initiatives and revenue production. Larkin had some kind words, he was quoted as saying that Mr. Nostrand is the most qualified person for the job.

Nostrand earned his BS in Business Administration from University of Denver’s, Daniels College of Business and has since gained over 35 years’ experience in development and finance, commercial real estate operations, leasing, sales and management. At his previous position as CEO of Colliers International South Florida, Nostrand was leader of their client service platforms area. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Miami, where he is a part of the Real Estate Development and Urbanism Master’s Program.

In a press release Nostrand expressed what a great opportunity it will be to work with top commercial real estate business owners, such as these.

NAI Miami is a real estate firm based out of Miami and the Florida Keys. NAI Miami is a member company of NAI Global, which is a network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firms.  Each member is independently owned while related financially to the NAI Global brand. The NAI Global brand also provides technology and tools for their member companies to use.  NAI Miami is just one of 375 offices worldwide.

Positive Picture Drawn by NAI Global Member’s Conference

NAI Carolantic Realty held its annual real estate conference in Raleigh, NC this week. The president of NAI Carolantic addressed attendees with a positive outlook on the next five years. Mr. Barnes believes that all going well, the market should hold strong through 2019. He does warn of a potential blip in the market in 2020 and asked the crowd of real estate professionals to be mindful of that. He also suggested that now is a good time to sell income-earning properties and take advantage of the current interest rates.

NAI Global’s Economist, Peter Linneman cautioned the attendees against an over confidence in the high price apartments trend we are seeing. He warned that with over 7,000 additional apartments due to enter the market in both 2015 and again in 2016, that apartment vacancies are expected to increase. He believes that millennials will start to buck the trend and instead opt to buy their own property instead of paying thousands each month to rent.

Barnes and Linneman also agreed that open-plan offices might be on the way out, with employees appreciating a private office more than other perks currently being offered. Now that the economy is picking back up and the jobs market is following, there is due to be higher competition for good workers, and offering a private office might just be the tipping point.

NAI Carolantic is a member company of NAI Global, a worldwide network of independently owned real estate firms. The company manages the network and supports the collaboration between member companies. It is owned by C-III Capital Partners, LLC and was acquired under the direction of their CEO Andrew Farkas in 2012.

Nebraska Member Company of NAI Global Launches New Website

NAI FMA Realty, the locally-owned member company of NAI Global in Nebraska has recently launched a redesigned website at The President of NAI FMA, Drew Stange, is confident the new website will provide new and existing clients with easier navigation, improved functionality, and above all else, an enhanced access to their information.

The site reflects NAI FMA’s mission to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the marketplace to their clients. Stange wants to use this platform to share their knowledge and experience, to continue to excel and ensure they remain the leading provider of third-party real estate management in Lincoln.

The website has been designed to offer a more user-friendly experience, including a responsive design and with more focus being placed on services for client owners, tenants, developers and investors. This highlights NAI FMA’s expertise in commercial real estate in Nebraska. New visitors to the site will be able to quickly locate the information they are looking for, such as property listings they are interested in and types of services they wish to know more about.

NAI Global is a network of more than 375 locally-owned office locations across over 55 different countries. It is the most powerful network of commercial real-estate companies, and it gets its edge by having member companies that are firmly established in the local marketplace and can provide local knowledge and expertise to its clients. C-III Capital Partners LLC (C-III), bought NAI Global in 2012, under the direction of their CEO Andrew Farkas. Mr. Farkas also founded and was CEO of Island Global Yachting.

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