Farkas Subsidiary Implementing New Technology

In today’s real estate market, having a competitive edge is imperative. NAI Tampa, a member of the NAI Global network, has partnered with the marketing firm Buildout to help make their business dealings more effective.

Buildout created new online resources and apps for NAI. The new services allow NAI to automatically create and deliver documents upon request to a client. Since NAI has clients all across the globe, this helps with different time zones.

Along with website and digital upgrades, brokers are now implementing drones into their usual tools. The video captured by drones allows clients to see exactly how the property looks and what the surrounding area is like. They also allow for tours of a property.

While a drone tour is exciting, sometimes a client wants to feel like they are actually in the building. Another tool that commercial real estate agencies are now utilizing is virtual reality (VR). Firms are now beginning to use VR goggles to show clients what the property looks like and what it could look like if it were furnished. The possibilities are endless.

NAI Tampa still believes that classic methods such as email blasts and direct phone calls are the most effective. With so many new possibilities, it is no wonder that even firms with tried and true methods like NAI are making strives into new technology based ones.

As a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, NAI Global has been widely successful. With a variety of clients, NAI and C-III Capital Partners have been able to work together to bring their services to clients around the world.

Farkas Subsidiary Promotes VP to COO

Earlier this year, NAI Hiffman, a member of NAI Global, announced that it would be promoting Michael Flynn from Vice President to Chief Operating Officer. This is part of NAI Hiffman’s plan to expand their current operations.

Flynn has been in the commercial real estate business for over 30 years. His experiences in the industry combined with his leadership skills have made him the perfect candidate for this position. He was also one of the original team members that helped launch NAI Hiffman in 2000. Since then, he has continued to climb into various leadership roles while also helping to expand NAI Hiffman.

With this new position, Flynn will also continue to serve on the NAI Global Member Leadership Board.

NAI Hiffman specializes in commercial real estate in the greater Chicago area. This branch of NAI is responsible for some of the largest leasing deals in Chicago. Since 2000, many of NAI Hiffman’s brokers have been recognized for being amongst the top producers in NAI Global’s annual recognition program.

The NAI Global network of real estate brokers spans across the world with over 6,700 members in over 400 offices. Each of these members, like Michael Flynn, are experts in their respective commercial real estate markets. In total, NAI Global manages over 380 million square feet of property.

Andrew Farkas’ subsidiary, C-III Capital Partners, acquired NAI Global in 2011. His company, Island Capital Group, has strived to diversify their portfolio and make themselves known as real estate industry leaders. Since getting his start in commercial real estate, Farkas has been known for his successful achievements as well as his company’s diverse portfolio.

Farkas Subsidiary Nationally Ranked

U.S. Residential Group, a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, has been ranked one of the top 50 managers of 2017.

Earlier this week, the National Multifamily Housing Council released its 2017 rankings in a variety of categories. These include top owners, general contractors, developers and syndicators. These rankings help to determine the major players in the real estate business, specifically, those properties that house multiple families.

U.S. Residential Group this year rose to the number 30 spot on the top 50 managers list. This year, they managed 42,928 units of housing. This is an increase of over 2,000 unites since the 2016 rankings.

As a full-service multi-housing community management company, U.S. Residential Group manages over 200 properties across the United States. In 2016, C-III acquired Resource America. Earlier this year, U.S. Residential combined its operations with Resource America. This combination and the move into C-III allowed all three companies to diversify their portfolios of properties across the country.

C-III Capital Partners is known for its track record of creating value in a diverse range of markets. Their services include primary and secondary loan servicing, loan origination, fund management, and principal investment. They provide services to over $60 billion worth of commercial real estate.

C-III is a controlled affiliate of Island Capital Group. The firm is located in New York City and was founded by Andrew Farkas in 2003. As the founder and CEO of Island Capital Group, Farkas has had a long track record of successful achievements in real estate. His company’s acquisition of C-III Capital Partners has allowed the two companies to grow exponentially and become leaders in the world of real estate.

Farkas Subsidiary Member Reports Rise in SC Office Market

This quarter, NAI Avant broker Scott Peevy reported shifts in the office space market in Charleston, South Carolina. He reports that rates for office space rentals in the popular Southern city began to level off at the end of 2016 but that investment opportunities are very attractive right now.

Current trends show a great deal of redevelopment projects beginning in areas that are in great need of it. This is of great importance seeing as Charleston is known for having a large shortage on office space. This causes high rent rates with lower vacancy numbers. These numbers and the shortages show that the market for new office spaces is extremely attractive right now.

According to the NAI broker, investors are currently working to obtain better returns on office spaces thanks to the projections that occupancy rates will rise along with rental rates. Investors are seriously considering making major improvements to second-tier office spaces as they hold the highest vacancy percentages (10.5%) in Charleston. Along with this, demand for newly renovated spaces is showing a major rise.

Peevy also reports that there is a major surge in retail projects in the city. Which is particularly healthy for the market as it allows for more diversity in businesses in the area.

Scott Peevy is a broker for NAI Avant, a member of the NAI Global Network of real estate brokers and experts. The major network has over 400 offices located around the world with more than 7,000 real estate experts. Their portfolio features over 425 million square feet of property internationally.

NAI Global is a subsidiary of Andrew Farkas’ Island Capital Group. The company is the parent company of C-III Capital Partners. C-III acquired NAI Global in 2016. This acquisition of NAI allowed C-III to diversify their portfolio while also helping both firms to remain leaders in the market.

Farkas’ Real Estate Network Ranked Top 4 Globally

This month, the Lipsey Company released their Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brands list. For the second year in a row, NAI Global was voted into the number four spot.

The Lipsey Company’s survey has been the industry standard for the past 16 years. They have set the hierarchy for the top real estate brands in the world. Over 100,000 real estate industry professionals from around the world were tasked with completing the survey.

Ballot surveys, phone interviews, and focus groups were all utilized to determine the hierarchy for the real estate industry this year. Over 150,000 votes were cast around the world this year.

NAI Global was the only commercial real estate network within the top five, making them stand out from the others. Their network spans across 375 offices located throughout the world in North American, Latin American, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The firm manages over $20 billion in real estate deals every year.

NAI Global is a world-renowned commercial real estate brokerage firm that assists clients on a local as well as a global scale. Their network is owner-operated which entails that local market experts are the ones handling the deals. This is a unique business model as it combines local expertise with a vast, global network of commercial real estate firms.

Andrew Farkas’ Island Capital Group’s affiliate, C-III Capital Partners, acquired NAI Global in 2011. This strategic acquisition was done in order to help diversify C-III’s services. As a successful founder and CEO of Island Capital Group, Andrew Farkas has continuously pushed his career further. By achieving this major accomplishment, Farkas and his affiliate group have further solidified their reputations as major industry leaders as well as innovators.

Grand Sphinx Farkas to Honor Barclay at Gala

Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 and Grand Sphinx, Andrew Farkas, will be honoring Paris Barclay as the 2017 recipient of the Order of the Golden Sphinx award at the annual Order of the Golden Sphinx Gala in New York City on April 3rd.

Established in 1770, the Hasty Pudding Institute is the oldest collegiate social club in the nation. The club is a premiere preforming arts organization that strives to unite Harvard undergraduate students in friendship, conversation and camaraderie. Since its creation, Hasty Pudding has grown significantly and now is made up of The Hasty Pudding Club, Hasty Pudding Theatricals and Harvard Krokodiloes.

Each year the Hasty Pudding Institute recognizes one individual in the entertainment industry for their contributions to the performing arts. Each recognized individual is bestowed the club’s highest honor, the Order of the Golden Sphinx award, and is celebrated at the annual Order of the Golden Sphinx Gala.

Certainly a well-deserving recipient of this award, Paris Barclay is an Emmy award-winning director and currently serves as the President of the Directors Guild of America. Graduating Harvard in 1979, Barclay was a member of the Hasty Pudding club as an undergrad and participated in the club as a former singer of the Krokodiloes and composer two Hasty Pudding Theatricals shows.

As the 2017 recipient of the Order of the Golden Sphinx award, Barclay joins a prestigious club filled with extraordinarily talented members like Clive Davis, legendary music producer; Daryl Roth, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer; David Heyman, box office-hit producer, and many more.

This year’s honoree celebration will be held at the Paramount Hotel in New York City and attendees will have an opportunity to enjoy performances by the Hasty Pudding Theatricals and Harvard Krokodiloes. Chairman and Grand Sphinx of the Hasty Pudding Institute, Andrew Farkas, will also be in attendance and recently noted his excitement for this year’s nominee.

As an active alumni and former president of the Hasty Pudding Institute, Andrew Farkas not only serves as the Chairman but also “Grand Sphinx” of the club. In 2011, thanks to a generous donation from Farkas, the Hasty Pudding club was able to make improvements to the theatre in which they perform all shows. The gift marked the renaming of the theater to Farkas Hall, which serves as a presentation the Farkas family’s commitment maintain the club’s facilities.

A Farkas Subsidiary has Combined with Resource Residential

U.S. Residential Group LLC, a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, recently combined its operations with Resource Residential.

The recent combination of US Residential and Resource Residential was officially announced January 23, 2017 and marks the creation of a newly formed company with a diverse suite of property management services. Not only does the joining of US Residential and Resource Residential bring about a new menu of service offerings, it also allows the company to experience new managing leadership and a broader array of clientele.

Acting as a property management business for and subsidiary of C-III, U.S. Residential Group LLC, or US Residential, is a national full-service and fee-based management company for multi-housing communities. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, US Residential one of the nation’s largest third-party property management companies as the company boasts a massive presence in more than 53 markets and represents more than 100,000 apartment units.

Now combined with Resource Residential, a former business unit of Resource America, the newly combined company will operate in almost 30 states and manage over 200 properties and about 43,000 units. And although the two brands will continue to exist independently until further property level transitions are complete, the new company will rank as one of the top 35 property management companies in the US.

The recent combining of operations has given the newly formed company an opportunity to grow through third-party management contracts and affiliate investment management business at C-III. And as one of the world’s leading commercial real estate services company, C-III most definitely will be able to ensure the company’s growth and expansion.

Founded by Andrew Farkas, a real estate entrepreneur and investor, C-III engages in a wide range of real estate activities like primary and special loan servicing, loan orientations, fund management and much more. Since its inception, Farkas has the guiding leadership behind C-III’s rapid success and expansion. In 2016 alone, Farkas’ led C-III through the acquisition of Resource America and the purchasing of two major Class A office buildings in South Florida.

Farkas’ C-III to be Sponsor for IREI’s 2017 Flagship Event

Just before the close of the 2016 year, Institutional Real Estate, Inc. (IREI) announced C-III Capital Partners LLC as a sponsor of their 2017 flagship event, Visions, Insights & Perspectives Americas (VIP America).

Founded in 1987 by Geoffrey Dohrmann, IREI is a consulting services firm that provides the real estate industry and infrastructure investors with information, insights, and decision-making tools through its publications, conferences and databases. Among the many conferences and events hosted by IREI throughout the year is VIP Americas, the firm’s flagship event and known for its unparalleled industry content that inspires candid dialogue, new ideas and exclusive networking opportunities.

Taking place at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, California on January 25 – 27, 2017, IREI’s VIP Americas event will play host to a multitude of industry professionals like investment managers, investors and consultants. Focused on offering attendees an excellent networking platform, VIP Americas’ attendees will enjoy an environment that fosters relationships with a marketing-free conference and a ratio of 3 managers to every 1 investor.

Taking place over the course of 3 days, event-goers will have an opportunity to attend breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, keynote addresses and panels. Boasting a list of impressive real estate industry sponsors, VIP Americas is shaping up to be one of IREI’s most successful events.

One of the most notable of the many event sponsors is C-III Capital Partners LLC, a commercial real estate services company. First founded by Andrew Farkas in 2010, C-III is known for its ability to provide clients with innovative real estate equity and debt solutions as well as its successful track record of value creation and longtime experience in the industry. Under the guidance and vision of Farkas, C-III has grown exponentially since its inception and established a strong global presence in the real estate industry.

Subsidiary of Farkas’ C-III Wins EEA Project Award

The massive and highly-anticipated Lavina Mall in Kiev, Ukraine was recently named Retail Project of the Year by the Eastern European and Asia Real Estate Forum and Project Awards.

The Eastern European and Asia Real Estate Forum and Project Awards is an annual event hosted by the Ukrainian Real Estate Club and Europaproperty.com. The event has been known as the market benchmark for real estate success in Eastern Europe and Asia and is the only commercial real estate event cover Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine. This year, more than 250 real estate market leaders in the region convened in Kyiv, Ukraine and enjoyed discussion panels and presentations focused on investment and development opportunities.

Spanning over two days, the 2016 EEA Real Estate Forum and Project awards featured over 15 guests speakers and recognized 11 of the year’s best real estate projects in the region. Award categories ranged in focus from best hotel and residential complex to best renovation and innovation project in 2016. Among the many award recipients was the Lavina Mall, the official winner of the event’s 2016 Retail Project of the Year Award.

As the region’s largest entertainment center, the Lavina Mall is unlike any other retail project. In additional to 500 retail stores, the Lavina Mall also offers guests an amusement park, water park, cinema and over 50 restaurants to choose from. Coming in at a staggering 1.8 million square feet, the Lavina Mall is expected to yield 100,000 visitors a day.

Lavina Mall’s official leasing agent, NAI Ukraine played an instrumental role in the project’s success. By July 2016, occupancy under contract was already at 60%. As the Ukrainian representative network of NAI Global, NAI Ukraine offers a series of real estate services ranging in investment brokerage to development.

NAI Global, a global network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firms, was recently acquired by C-III Partners, a commercial real estate capital markets firm. Under the leadership and guidance of C-III’s CEO and founder, Andrew Farkas, the acquisition of NAI Global was successfully completed in January 2016.

Farkas’ Executive Managing Director to Serve on ULI Jury

Jury members serving the Urban Land Institute’s New York chapter will soon convene to vote on the finalists they believe to be the most deserving of the prestigious 2017 Awards of Excellence in Development.

The New York chapter of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), a nonprofit research and educational organization specializing in development and real estate, is schedule to host their second annual Awards of Excellence in Development gala on April 3, 2017 at Gotham Hall in New York City. This prestigious award is reserved for outstanding developments in the state of New York that demonstrate the high standards of development ULI is committed to and outlines for its members.

­­­­First founded in 1936, ULI is a global organization supported by its members that strives to provide the development and real estate industry with leadership in responsible land use and the creation of sustainable communities. Operating within the ULI organization, the New York chapter’s mission is to provide the state with a forum that upholds the Urban Land Institute’s commitment to these best practices and policy for sustainable land use.

As ULI New York’s second annual Awards for Excellence in Development gala draws near, the awards’ jury will begin to review all submissions in an effort recognize development projects in New York State that best exemplify and embody ULI’s commitment to creating sustainable communities and responsible land use. Finalists will be determined and notified by the jury by December 14, 2016 and then winners will be recognized and celebrated at the gala in April 2017.

Winners of the award will be determined by the official Awards of Excellence in Development jury, which is made up by several long-time ULI members whom all specialize in a wide array of professions in the development and real estate industry. Among the twelve men and women of the jury is Robert Lieber, ULI’s New York chairman and long-time, established member of the organization.

Lieber also serves as Executive Managing Director for C-III Capital Partners and Island Capital Group, both of which are visions of Andrew Farkas and are engaged in real estate services and investment management. As one of the most successful professionals in real estate and investment management, Farkas has founded and managed several major organizations in the industry. Farkas kicked off his career when he founded Insignia Financial Group Inc. in 1990, which eventually became the largest owner and operator of multifamily real estate. Now Farkas is manages a portfolio of business and recently earned a spot on Real Estate Forum Magazine’s list of Elites.

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