NAI Global Adds New Partner in Des Moines

NAI Global, a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm, recently partnered with Iowa Realty Commercial. Iowa Realty will now operate as NAI Iowa Realty Commercial as it joins NAI’s network of more than 400 offices around the world, including several other brokerages in the greater Des Moines area.

“Iowa Realty Commercial is thrilled to have the opportunity to deepen our roots in this global organization,” said Kevin Crowley, who serves as general manager and COO of Iowa Realty Commercial.

Iowa Realty was a leader in the local real estate market prior to partnering with NAI Global, but the new alliance will allow it to grow even further. As a multinational firm, NAI Global provides its partners with best-in-class tools and unparalleled access to services and markets while still feeling local. It prides itself on providing clients with exceptional solutions from local leaders in their area. NAI services include buying, selling, leasing, financing, or managing commercial property in four different continents. With more than 7,000 employees across the world, NAI has successfully built a platform that is based on local leaders taking advantage of a global network, and it has resulted in nearly $20 billion of transactions annually.

NAI Global is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, of which Mr. Farkas serves as Chairman and CEO. C-III’s principal activities are investment management, asset management, and commercial mortgages, but under Mr. Farkas’ leadership they have grown substantially. Subsidiaries such as NAI Global allow C-III to expand their capabilities and further secure their spot as a leader in the real estate industry.

Exantas Capital Corp. Declares Dividend

Exantas Capital Corporation, listed on the NYSE as XAN, recently declared a dividend of $0.10 per share. The dividend will be paid out on July 7th to shareholders of record on June 29th. The real estate finance service was founded in 2005 by Mr. Andrew Farkas, who currently holds the position of Chairman of the company. Exantas is also a subsidiary of Mr. Farkas’ company C-III Capital Partners, of which he is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Exantas Capital currently has a debt-to-equity ratio of 2.22, and both its quick ratio and current ratio are 130.99. The market capitalization as of the end of June 2018 was $324.73 million. In the past year, the stock price has reached a high of $11.38 per share, and a low of $8.51 per share.

Exantas reported its quarterly earnings results in May 2018 for the quarter ending March 31, 2018. Earnings per share were $0.28, and the company had a net margin of 57.71%. Revenue for the quarter totaled $11.57 million. The last dividend that the company declared was $0.05 per share, declared on March 20th, 2018 and paid on April 27th, 2018.

Exantas Capital Corp. has been investing in commercial real estate loans for several years. As a subsidiary of C-III, they are able to utilize the parent company’s capabilities, expertise and information to make smarter investments. Under Mr. Farkas’ leadership, the company has grown significantly. C-III now has over $8 billion of assets under management, and Exantas’ investment portfolio is valued at just under $2 million.

Honest Buildings Completes Series B Round

Project management platform Honest Buildings recently closed its Series B funding round after raising $30 million, bringing the total amount raised to $48 million. Over a dozen partners contributed to the funding, including C-III Capital Partners, which was founded by Mr. Andrew L. Farkas.

Honest Buildings is a mission-driven company founded in 2012 by real estate professionals who were frustrated with the outdated technology they were using. The company is proud to have built a platform for real estate owners by real estate owners. It uses data-driven technology to help clients efficiently meet project deadlines while remaining within their budget.

Honest Buildings has already worked with several prominent real estate companies, helping them overcome challenges related to profitability and productivity. The Series B round of funding was specifically focused on improving the current technology’s functionality as the volume of their projects continues to increase. Honest Buildings will use the money to develop a new offering that uses data to manage clients’ spending. The company also plans on doubling its staff in the upcoming year to better serve its growing client base.

This investment aligns with the goals of C-III Capital Partners and its leadership. Mr. Andrew Farkas has been the Chairman and CEO of C-III since its inception in 2010, and has made C-III a leader in the real estate and asset management industry. C-III has several subsidiaries, allowing it to be involved in investment management, asset management, and commercial mortgages, among others. This investment in Honest Buildings demonstrates their commitment to improving the real estate industry while also delivering high returns for their investors.

NAI Global Brokers Property for MBS Standoffs

NAI Global’s branch in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently brokered the purchase of Building C of Henderson Freeways Crossing for MBS Standoffs. This industrial property was purchased for $2.5 million from Panattoni Development and spans 19,280 square feet. Building C is one of six buildings that occupy the 452,710 square foot dwelling of Henderson Freeways Crossing. NAI Global is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, which is a leading real estate investment company owned by Andrew Farkas.

The property itself is in close proximity to McCarran International Airport and interstates 215 and 515, making it an ideal location. The rest of the buildings range in size from 14,320 square feet to 250,450 square feet. MBS Standoffs will be operating its West Coast distribution from this location.

Since NAI Global is a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm, representatives are always eager to assist other companies in brokering new properties. This, in turn, enriches both NAI Global and similar properties’ portfolios and offers exciting new opportunities for other companies.

An example of another property NAI Global brokered recently was with Grubb Properties. A commercial real estate company that specializes in properties in the southeastern US, Grubb made its very first purchase in the Washington, D.C. area with the assistance of NAI Global. The property it acquired was Argon Plaza in Fairfax, VA, which is in close proximity to public transportation.

Resource Capital Markets Reports Rise in Retail Investments

A report that was recently conducted by Real Capital Markets states that retail investors are still in a buying mode. This is supported by the fact that retail investors are focused on obtaining assets that will meet the demand and need of today’s consumers, all the while producing desirable returns. The report is based on an interview that was conducted with a wide range of retail professionals. Real Capital Markets is owned by C-III Capital Partners, a world leader in real estate. Andrew L. Farkas is the CEO and Chairman of C-III Capital Partners, and is eager to see what this report will mean for the upcoming years.

According to the report, experiential retail is on the rise seen with a growth in e-commerce, Class A malls and grocery-anchored centers are still in high demand, 40% of investors see big box vacancy as their biggest threat and 59% of investors interested in investing in retail are considering other asset classes all the while focusing on multifamily.

The report also states the most preferred retail investment is anchored shopping centers, with 48% of investors saying that this type of retail is the most attractive when compared to strip centers. This percentage has increased from 2017, although online and digital grocery stores are on the rise. However, this won’t ever replace physical grocery stores, according to the report. In order to adapt to the rise in e-commerce, retailers are coming up with creative and innovative ways to utilize technology all the while keeping their stores.

With property across the nation and just having reached $2 trillion in transactions, Real Capital Markets is a leader in real estate for all real estate sectors.

Real Capital Markets Celebrates $2 Trillion in Transactions

Real Capital Markets (RCM), a leading global marketplace that specializes in commercial real estate investments, reached a milestone of $2 trillion transactions in investment property. This is a reflection of RCM’s hard work throughout the last 20 years, which has been under the guidance of Andrew L. Farkas. Andrew Farkas is the CEO of C-III Capital Partners, which is the parent company of RCM.

RCM reported that the most popular types of properties within the $2 trillion are office, multifamily and retail. The breakdown of each type is 25%, 22% and 18%, respectively. However, this data isn’t reflective of the recent increase in demand for industrial real estate.

Back when RCM was founded in 1999, office, multifamily and retail was in much higher demand than any other type of real estate. Due to an increase in e-commerce businesses, the focus has been more on industrial real estate. What this means for RCM and other similar companies is that this type of real estate poses the greatest prospect for this year.

The majority of RCM’s properties within the United States are located in the West and Southeast parts of the country. Specifically, 34% are in the Western region while 25% are in the Southeast. This is an indication that RCM is reaching its desired goal of brining property within these regions to the real estate market.

Two New Investors Join C-III Capital Partners in Series B

Altus Group Limited and QuadReal have recently joined C-III Capital Partners in investing in a project management platform especially for real estate owners. The platform, Honest Buildings, has raised $43 million up to this date and includes other well-known investors such as Brookfield Property Partners, DivcoWest Real Estate, The Durst Organization, Oxford Properties Group and Rudin Ventures. Andrew L. Farkas is the Chairman and CEO of C-III Capital Partners, a well-established commercial real estate services company.

Honest Buildings has recently brought its total raise to $25 million through an investment in Series B. The raise was brought upon due to the addition of Atlus Group and QuadReal. The former is a leading global provider of software, data and technology-enables expert services, while the latter is an independent organization that is focused on maintaining and expanding bcIMC’s portfolio,

Given the mission of both Atlus Group and QuadReal, the investments made by these two companies diversifies the current investors in Series B, which includes C-III Capital Partners. C-III prides itself in the fact that it owns and manages commercial and industrial real estate throughout the country. Its CEO, Andrew Farkas, is also the CEO of parent company Island Capital Group (ICG).

C-III is pleased to be one of the many investors of Honest Buildings, which is the only project management platform built for and backed by real estate owners. This new investment is a reflection of Honest Building’s reputation amongst real estate project management platforms.

Exantas Capital Corp. Set to Report Quarter 2 Results

Exantas Capital Corporation recently announced that it will report its operating results for the second quarter of 2018 on Wednesday, August 1st. Exantas, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as XAN, is a real estate investment trust and is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners LLC. Mr. Andrew Farkas serves as Chairman and CEO of C-III and is also Chairman of Exantas.

Exantas, formerly known as Resource Capital Corporation, is expected to report $0.10 earnings per share in this report, which would be a 200% increase from the first quarter’s EPS. In the past year, the stock has had a low of $8.51 and a high of $11.38, and Exantas’ market cap stands at $328.53 million. The first quarter of 2018 saw an increase from quarter 4 of 2017 in the company’s debt to assets ratio, bringing it to 68.3%.

Exantas Capital Corporation primarily finds investment opportunities in transitional CRE lending and longer duration CRE credit investments. The company is proud to have the ability to utilize C-III’s asset management platform to gather unique insights that other investors are not aware of. As part of C-III’s portfolio, they are able to take advantage of other C-III subsidiaries such as NAI Global and Real Capital Markets to draw upon their expertise. The resulting investments are better focused and are shaped for higher returns.

With these interconnected subsidiaries, Mr. Farkas has propelled C-III to immense success, with $8 billion of assets under management and $50 billion of commercial real estate loans resolved. As C-III has grown and expanded, they have created a diversified platform that includes fund management, property management and brokerage, among others. With the support of C-III Capital Partners, Exantas has also found success in the marketplace, and its second quarter results are highly anticipated.

Golfito Marina Village Added to IGY Marina’s Portfolio

Keller Williams Costa Rica and Golfito Village and Resort signed a partnership that will allow for the former to help Golfito with its increase in renovations. Part of the first round of renovations was the addition of Golfito Marina Village. The marina is owned by IGY Marinas, a reputable company founded and owned by Andrew Farkas.

Golfito Marina Village includes 255 condominiums, 40 villas, a 135-slip super yacht marina, a village with 35 stores, and is situated on more than 40 acres of land. Given the transformative development Golfito is experiencing, this makes this part of Costa Rica an idea place for IGY Marinas to expand.

The Marina itself also includes several high-class amenities. These include 24-hour security, tournament fishing facilities, private slips, fuel dock, and a private club that will be built in the upcoming years. What makes Golfito Marina Village so unique is that it is the only approved part of the West Coast on Central and South America where yachts can be dropped off and picked up. This means that it will, without a doubt, be an area of high traffic for both the Marina and Golfito as a whole.

IGY Marinas owns marinas around the world in countries such as Italy, Mexico, St. Maarten, Panama, and France. All of the marinas offer world-class features, like those found in Golfito Marina Village. Golfito is unique because amid new developments, it still retains its historic charm and luscious landscape.

NAI Charleston Acquires Historic Townhouse

NAI Global, a leading global commercial real estate and brokerage firm, recently acquired property in Charleston, South Carolina for $2.95 million. NAI Charleston is a franchise within NAI Global, which is owned by Andrew L. Farkas.

The property is located at 95 Broad St., and is known as the Major Peter Bocquet House. This townhouse is almost 250 years old and has just recently been renovated. Out of its four stories, floors one through three are 4,500 square feet and would ideally be used for office space. In addition to plenty of storage and many closets, this property boasts a 425 square foot area that could potentially be used for a storefront.

Situated on the east coast, Charleston is a very popular destination spot. 95 Broad St. is located in one of this city’s most renowned neighborhoods, and is in close proximity to the “Four Corners of Law.” This intersection is located at Broad and Meeting St., and is comprised of City Hall, Charleston County Courthouse, the Federal Courthouse, and St. Michael’s Church.

Although recently renovated, the property still retains many of its original features. These include fireplaces registered with the Federal Register of historic homes, a lime-washed exterior, a salon, and an original Georgian façade. This townhome is also an ideal spot for events as it can host between 50 and 80 people.

Due to its excellent location and many features, the purchase of 95 Broad St. makes this property an ideal addition to NAI Global’s diverse portfolio. NAI Global is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners, which is owned by CEO Andrew Farkas.

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