May 11, 2023

Andrew Farkas Speaks At This Year’s Commercial Observer Spring State of CRE

During this year’s Commercial Observer Spring State of CRE held at L&L Holding Company ‘s 222 Broadway, Andrew Farkas was a panelist offering his guidance while the commercial real estate industry is currently struggling. 

The event presented the major trends, deals and developments of the commercial real estate market that are leading to market stabilization and growth of the industry. At the event, leading real estate experts exchanged their opinions on headlining topics such as economic forecasts, investment sales, the rise of the rental market, retail revival and what’s expected for 2023. 

Andrew Farkas, CEO of Island Capital Group, participated in a fireside chat where he motivated attendees to not “be afraid of down markets” because “fortunes are made” in the most difficult markets. Farkas converses with other knowledgeable industry experts and expresses that he also becomes astonished with the ever changing market landscape. He emphasizes that “single-family home rentals has been unbelievable” but “10 years ago, I told everybody they were going to lose their ask. Wrong!” Andrew Farkas’ overarching message is that being “distressed investors” is good and even the most tough markets have positive effects for those working in the industry. 

For those who missed out on attending they can sign up for the Fall State of CRE Forum, scheduled for November 14 where Andrew Farkas will be speaking again.

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