April 1, 2011

Andrew Farkas Supports NYLAG’s Cause

Andrew Farkas and his wife Sandi Farkas attended the 20th Anniversary Gala of the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) under the banner, “Empowering Women & Girls.” The Gala is a premier event for the nonprofit law office NYLAG, which focuses on low-income New Yorkers by offering them free legal services in civil law matters. Since it was founded in 1990, it has provided help with healthcare, immigration law, Holocaust compensation, LGBT rights, elder abuse, employment law, as well as family and matrimonial law to those who could not afford attorneys.

The Gala on March 30th at the Pierre Hotel in New York City celebrated NYLAG’s achievements of handling various legal needs of New York’s low-income women of all races, ethnicities, orientations, faiths and age. Celebrities and businessmen like Andrew Farkas attended the event to celebrate the company’s success and to contribute financially to the cause. Next to Farkas, NYLAG expected 350 prominent local, state and federal corporations, politicians and individuals to attend the event and to help raise a substantial amount that would go towards the law projects of the nonprofit organization. With 800 interns, law students and volunteer lawyers, but only 100 paid staff members, all contributions to the event will go a long way in supporting the needs of low-income New Yorkers.