March 25, 2011

ENSeC’s Impact on the Asian and Middle East Market

Island Capital Group has been involved in multiple international ventures since former Insignia Financial Group Chief Executive Officer Andrew Farkas founded it in 2003. The real estate merchant banking firm specializes in real estate operating businesses, real estate investment, and real estate securities.  It has operated as an advisor to the government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The government of Dubai hired Island Capital Group to be the sole consultant in the creation of the Emirates National Securitization Corporation (ENSec). ENSeC focuses on securitizing pools of commercial and residential loans on real estate in Dubai by working closely with local banks and government entities. Its advising and structuring services reach across various capital markets in Asia and the Middle East.

As part of Island Capital Group’s portfolio, Andrew Farkas has the opportunity to tap into ENSeC’s expertise and embedment in the local prosperous market in order to further establish his leadership in the global real estate industry. Throughout its life, ENSeC has been able to gain the trust of its clients by focusing on securing commercial and residential backed financings, small-scale enterprises and industries loans, operating cash flows, future cash flows, and consumer assets to facilitate the real estate finance sector.