July 26, 2021

Exantas Capital Corp. Set to Report Quarter 2 Results

Exantas Capital Corporation recently announced that it will report its operating results for the second quarter of 2018 on Wednesday, August 1st. Exantas, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as XAN, is a real estate investment trust and is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners LLC. Mr. Andrew Farkas serves as Chairman and CEO of C-III and is also Chairman of Exantas.

Exantas, formerly known as Resource Capital Corporation, is expected to report $0.10 earnings per share in this report, which would be a 200% increase from the first quarter’s EPS. In the past year, the stock has had a low of $8.51 and a high of $11.38, and Exantas’ market cap stands at $328.53 million. The first quarter of 2018 saw an increase from quarter 4 of 2017 in the company’s debt to assets ratio, bringing it to 68.3%.

Exantas Capital Corporation primarily finds investment opportunities in transitional CRE lending and longer duration CRE credit investments. The company is proud to have the ability to utilize C-III’s asset management platform to gather unique insights that other investors are not aware of. As part of C-III’s portfolio, they are able to take advantage of other C-III subsidiaries such as NAI Global and Real Capital Markets to draw upon their expertise. The resulting investments are better focused and are shaped for higher returns.

With these interconnected subsidiaries, Mr. Farkas has propelled C-III to immense success, with $8 billion of assets under management and $50 billion of commercial real estate loans resolved. As C-III has grown and expanded, they have created a diversified platform that includes fund management, property management and brokerage, among others. With the support of C-III Capital Partners, Exantas has also found success in the marketplace, and its second quarter results are highly anticipated.