May 30, 2018

Golfito Marina Village Added to IGY Marina’s Portfolio

Keller Williams Costa Rica and Golfito Village and Resort signed a partnership that will allow for the former to help Golfito with its increase in renovations. Part of the first round of renovations was the addition of Golfito Marina Village. The marina is owned by IGY Marinas, a reputable company founded and owned by Andrew Farkas.

Golfito Marina Village includes 255 condominiums, 40 villas, a 135-slip super yacht marina, a village with 35 stores, and is situated on more than 40 acres of land. When looking for property to diversify IGY Marina’s portfolio, the company always ensures that it will be able to support such amenities. Given the transformative development Golfito is experiencing, this makes this part of Costa Rica an idea place for IGY Marinas to expand.

The Marina itself also includes several high-class amenities. These include 24-hour security, tournament fishing facilities, private slips, fuel dock, and a private club that will be built in the upcoming years. What makes Golfito Marina Village so unique is that it is the only approved part of the West Cost on Central and South America where yachts can be dropped off and picked up. This means that it will, without a doubt, be an area of high traffic for both the Marina and Golfito as a whole.

IGY Marinas owns marinas around the world in countries such as Italy, Mexico, St. Maarten, Panama, and France. All of the marinas offer world-class features, like those found in Golfito Marina Village. Golfito is unique because amid new developments, it still retains its historic charm and luscious landscape.