October 31, 2011

Harvard’s New College Theatre Renamed Farkas Hall

Andrew Farkas has endowed Harvard University’s New College Theatre in honor of his father, Robin Farkas.  To thank him for his generosity, Harvard is renaming the theater as Farkas Hall.  Andrew Farkas served as the Hasty Pudding Club president for two years before receiving his bachelor’s degree in economics in 1982.  The Farkas Hall is home of the Hasty Pudding Club and the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, which are the nation’s oldest social club and college theater group.

“My Harvard experience was amongst the most formative and significant in my life,” said Andrew Farkas.  “My times at the Hasty Pudding were amongst the most joyful and memorable.  That generations of Harvard students will learn, grow, and flourish in Farkas Hall, in the building that has been the ancestral home of the Pudding and all of the organizations it has spawned, is a great privilege for the Farkas family.  To know that the space will be preserved for use by those organizations, and that it will also serve to incubate the creative skills of Harvard’s emerging talent, is extremely gratifying.”

Andrew Farkas serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for C-III Capital Partners, a real estate investment company.  He is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Island Capital Group, a leading real estate merchant bank that is the controlling parent of C-III Capital Partners.