May 9, 2018

Midwest Investing in Real Estate Now More Than Ever

The future is looking optimistic for those who are planning to invest in commercial real estate in the Midwest. More specifically, a report conducted by Real Capital Markets, a global marketplace that is under the leadership of Andrew L. Farkas, stated that 36% of investors in the Midwest are more inclined to invest in industrial assets. This is slightly higher than the national average, which is 33%.

According to the report, multifamily real estate came in as a close second at 20%. However, multifamily homes are above the national average of commercial real estate at 35%. Some popular Midwest cities that investors are keeping their eyes on are Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

Some additional key points to take away from Real Capital Markets’ Survey is the role that weather plays when looking for property as well as what a company plans to do with property after they acquire it. Investors tend to prefer either the southern part of the United States (37.7%) or the western region (31.8).

Well over half of investors, 60% to be exact, are interested in renovating or properties that they acquire. However, these types of properties are hard to come across. This had led investors to start investing in properties in new locations.

Real Capital Markets will continue to look for opportunities to invest in real estate in the Midwest, despite the challenges investors have faced when looking for properties to renovate. Some commercial properties Real Estate Markets currently own are Presidents Plaza in Chicago, Precedent Office Park in Indianapolis, and Governor’s Hill Portfolio in Cincinnati. Having a strong presence in these cities is important for its residents, as it increases resources available to them.