August 3, 2018

Real Capital Markets Celebrates $2 Trillion in Transactions

Real Capital Markets (RCM), a leading global marketplace that specializes in commercial real estate investments, reached a milestone of $2 trillion transactions in investment property. This is a reflection of RCM’s hard work throughout the last 20 years, which has been under the guidance of Andrew L. Farkas. Andrew Farkas is the CEO of C-III Capital Partners, which is the parent company of RCM.

RCM reported that the most popular types of properties within the $2 trillion are office, multifamily and retail. The breakdown of each type is 25%, 22% and 18%, respectively. However, this data isn’t reflective of the recent increase in demand for industrial real estate.

Back when RCM was founded in 1999, office, multifamily and retail was in much higher demand than any other type of real estate. Due to an increase in e-commerce businesses, the focus has been more on industrial real estate. What this means for RCM and other similar companies is that this type of real estate poses the greatest prospect for this year.

The majority of RCM’s properties within the United States are located in the West and Southeast parts of the country. Specifically, 34% are in the Western region while 25% are in the Southeast. This is an indication that RCM is reaching its desired goal of brining property within these regions to the real estate market.