July 30, 2018

Two New Investors Join C-III Capital Partners in Series B

Altus Group Limited and QuadReal have recently joined C-III Capital Partners in investing in a project management platform especially for real estate owners. The platform, Honest Buildings, has raised $43 million up to this date and includes other well-known investors such as Brookfield Property Partners, DivcoWest Real Estate, The Durst Organization, Oxford Properties Group and Rudin Ventures. Andrew L. Farkas is the Chairman and CEO of C-III Capital Partners, a well-established commercial real estate services company.

Honest Buildings has recently brought its total raise to $25 million through an investment in Series B. The raise was brought upon due to the addition of Atlus Group and QuadReal. The former is a leading global provider of software, data and technology-enables expert services, while the latter is an independent organization that is focused on maintaining and expanding bcIMC’s portfolio,

Given the mission of both Atlus Group and QuadReal, the investments made by these two companies diversifies the current investors in Series B, which includes C-III Capital Partners. C-III prides itself in the fact that it owns and manages commercial and industrial real estate throughout the country. Its CEO, Andrew Farkas, is also the CEO of parent company Island Capital Group (ICG).

C-III is pleased to be one of the many investors of Honest Buildings, which is the only project management platform built for and backed by real estate owners. This new investment is a reflection of Honest Building’s reputation amongst real estate project management platforms.